Bodmin's big night!

Multiple-choice exercise

Choose the correct answer for each question.

Bodmin's big night - get the apostrophes right!

Look at the text below. There are lots of apostrophes missing.

Some of them are needed in contractions (e.g. I am -> I'm).

Some are needed to show something belongs to someone or something [e.g. the dog's bowl (one dog with a bowl which belongs to it) or the girls' mother (two or more girls with a mother who belongs to them)].

Don't use an apostrophe with plurals (e.g. four tables, lots of glasses of wine) unless there is belonging.


The prisoners legs were chained together as they stumbled through Bodmins deserted streets. 'I cant go on!' cried the taller one. 'Shut up, Im tired too. Youve got to keep going or theyll take us back there,' panted the short, dark one.

Some of the sleeping peoples dogs woke up and started barking. Joe Browns wifes aunt jumped out of bed, rushed to the window and yelled, 'Shut those dogs up or Ill call the police!' There were sobs coming from Joes childrens room.

Joes dog, Killer, broke its chain. It bolted through the Smiths garden, trampling Mrs. Smiths vegetables. The dogs keen eyes spotted the exhausted prisoners and it leapt on them. 'Aargh! Hes got me!' yelled one. The mens screams were awful to hear.