There, their and they're

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There, their and they're

There, their and they're are homophones - this means they sound the same even though they have different spellings and different meanings.

'There' means 'in or to that place', for example:

Your mother is standing over there.
We drove there and back in under an hour.

We also use it with 'is' and 'are' to show that something exists or happens, for example:

There is someone at the door. (= there's someone at the door.)
There are tech dances every term at college.

'Their' means something belongs to them. For example:

This is their house.
Their children are really awful.
That red car is theirs.

'They're' is just a shortened way of writing 'they are', for example:

They're arriving at midnight.
I hope they're happy now.

Look over ! That's house. Isn't it huge? Apparently ancestors built it four hundred years ago and really proud of historical roots. not as rich as they once were - apparently grandparents had own jet and a house in the Bahamas but is still a lot of money around. are ten bedrooms, all with own bathroom and a swimming pool, poolhouse and jacuzzi. I'd just love to go in and have a look around. I bet kitchen is the same size as our whole house. They have servants too, to do laundry, cleaning and cook meals. always driving around in Rolls Royce. Look! That's it, parked over next to Cadillac. so lucky. I wish I was in shoes.