To, too and two

Gap-fill exercise

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To, two and too

To, two and too are homophones - this means they sound the same even though they are spelt differently and have different meanings.

Homophones cause a lot of confusion and the spell checker on your computer cannot help you with them. So you have to learn them.

'To' can be a preposition. It says where or when something happens, for example:

He was coming to a crossroads.
It's a quarter to five.

'To' can also go with the verb in the infinitive, for example:

She's trying to give up smoking.
I want to pass my driving test first time.

'Two' means the number 2. Remember it by linking it with the word, 'twin'. For example:

He has two brothers.
Two weeks later, the aeroplane was discovered.

'Too' can mean 'as well'. For example:

I support Man United too.
Can you speak Spanish too?

'Too' can also be used to talk about a bad amount of something, for example:

It's too hot in here.
My gran is too old to live on her own now.

One day, friends decided go town buy some new clothes. One of them had a little sister, called Emily who wanted go .
'Where are you off ?' she asked.
' town,' said her sister.
'Can I come ?' said Emily.
'No, you're young.'
'But I'm only years younger than you.'
' bad,' jeered her sister.
'I'm going tell Dad,' threatened Emily.
'He's busy care,' said her sister, as the of them closed the door.