Literacy links



Adrian Bruce - free games and literacy resources [CT] [*]
American Dyslexia Association - free printable worksheets [C**]
Early Learning HQ - lots of attractive, useful primary resources  [C**]
Embedded learning portal  - interactive literacy activities [TA] [***]
English toolbox - massive ESOL site (but also useful for dyslexic students). Has great summaries of spelling rules, punctuation, words often confused and much more [TA] [**]
Gamequarium - lots of interactive games in all areas of English [C] [**] - clear explanations of  English spelling, punctuation etc. [TA] [**]
Puzzlemaker - allows you to make puzzles such as word searches, crosswords and cryptograms [CT] [*]
Quia - puzzles and games in lots of different subject areas [CTA] [**]
SEN Teacher - excellent customisable literacy resources  [CT] [***]
Skillswise - wide range of fact sheets, activities, games and worksheets [TA] [***]
Skills workshop - Skills for Life materials from Abingdon and Witney College [TA] [***]
Talent - teacher resources [TA] [**]
Teaching ideas - literacy resources [C] [*]
Vocabulary games and resources - EFL site with lots of good games to develop word knowledge [CT] [**]

Reading and spelling

10 words you need to stop misspelling - [funny and clear CTA] [**] Try the quiz too.
Audiblox - spelling mnemonics  [CTA] [**]
BBC Skillswise - Spelling - factsheets, worksheets, games and quizzes to improve spelling skills [TA] [**]
Biogs - for reading practice [TA] [*]
Common Greek and Latin roots and affixes - good for word building, spelling and developing vocabulary [TA] [**]
Divide and conquer - rules for dividing words into syllables [CTA] [**]
Enchanted Learning Dolch printables - spelling worksheets of high frequency words [C] [**]
Free Phonics Worksheets - printables [C] [**]
Gamequarium Phonics - interactive games [C] [*] Spelling - strategies plus list of 101 commonly misspelt words [T] [**]
Ghotit - free online spellchecker devised for those with SpLDs [CTA] [**]
Ginger - another online grammar and spellchecker [CTA] [**]
ICT games - interactive literacy games [C] [***]
Internet Picture Dictionary -  visual dictionary, organised by topic. Has activities such as fill in the blanks, unscramble the word, correct the spelling mistake etc. [C] [**]
National Literacy Trust Phonics section - debate, policy, resources and links  [T] [*]
On Track Reading - useful guide to overcoming reading problems [C] [**]
Phonological Awareness activities - useful activities for children [C] [**]
Primary Resources - lots of useful worksheets [C] [***]
Reading from Scratch - spelling rules clearly laid out for dyslexics [TA] [**]
Sadlier Oxford - free, interactive phonics activities for primary age [C] [**]
Skillsworkshop spelling mnemonics - [CTA] [***]
Starfall - interactive reading and spelling activities for beginners [C] [***]
Spelling: a lost art - very comprehensive summary of the main spelling rules [A] [*]
Spelling it Right - free printable spelling worksheets [CT] [*]
Synthetic phonics - has some good free resources [CT] [*]
Woodlands Literacy Zone - interactive spelling and word games [C] [***]

Writing, grammar and punctuation

BBC Skillswise - Grammar- factsheets, worksheets, games and quizzes to improve grammar and punctuation [TA] [**]
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation -  explanations of the rules followed by quizzes [TA] [*]
Bristol University - Punctuation exercises - online and self marking [TA] [**]
English Toolbox - Punctuation - concise overview in a table [TA] [**]
Exploring English - explains parts of speech, punctuation, types of sentence etc.  [TA] [*] Punctuation - clear explanations of the tricky punctuation [T] [**]
Grammar Girl - quick tips in a fun format [T] [**]
Guide to Punctuation - a whole punctuation textbook online [TA] [***]
How to use a semicolon - funny and clear [CTA] [***]
How to use an apostrophe - also funny and clear [CTA] [***]
Newspaper Clipping Generator - type in the name of your newspaper, headline and story and it generates a realistic looking newspaper page [CTA] [*]
OWL at Purdue - online handouts covering writing, research, grammar and punctuation [A] [*]
Videojug - Punctuation - video explanations [TA] [*]