Numeracy links



Ambleweb Numeracy - lots of fun interactive numeracy games  [C] [***]
Aplus Math - interactive games, worksheets, flashcards etc. [CT] [*]
BBC Bitesize Maths K3 - revise the 11-14 year old maths curriculum [T] [**]
CIMT - Mathematics Enhancement Programme materials for primary and secondary students. Printable and interactive materials  [CTA] [***]
Count On - maths puzzles and games [CT] [**]
Embedded learning portal - interactive numeracy activities [TA] [***]
Free Math Worksheets - 6000+ printable maths worksheets [CT] [**]
Free Online Graph Paper - print your own graph paper and more [CTA] [**] - clear explanations of many tricky areas of maths [TA] [***]
Interactivate - large number of maths activities (some very high level) [TA] [**]
Maths is Fun Illustrated Maths Dictionary - handy glossary [CTA] [**]
Mr Nusbaum maths games - fun and funky primary school maths games [CT] [**]
Nrich - challenging maths activities [CTA] [***]
Printable paper rulers - print your own [CTA] [*]
Puzzlemaker - allows you to make puzzles such as maths squares, number blocks and mazes [CT] [*]
Quia - puzzles and games in lots of different subject areas [CTA] [**]
Skillswise - wide range of fact sheets, activities, games and worksheets [TA] [***]
Skills workshop - Skills for Life materials from Abingdon and Witney college  [TA] [***]
Spearfish School's Maths Games - fun online maths games [C] [**]
Talent - teacher resources [TA] [**]
Teaching ideas - numeracy resources [C] [*]

4 rules (+ - x /) and place value

Ambleside Counter Square - interactive number square [C] [*]
Ambleside Number Bond Machine - practise number bonds of your choice [C] [*]
BBC Bitesize K2 Maths - fun number activities [C] [***]
BBC Skillswise Whole Numbers - factsheets, worksheets, games and activities [TA] [***]
ICT games - interactive numeracy games [C] [***]
Multiplying Negatives - good explanation of why multiplying two negatives makes a positive [CTA] [*]
Primary Resources - place value worksheets [C] [***]
Primary worksheets - generate your own primary worksheets [C] [**]

Money and measurement

Ambleweb clock - help with learning to tell the time [C] [*]
BBC Bitesize K2 Maths - fun measure, space and shape activities [C] [***]
Create a graph - create graphs online and then save and print them [CTA] [**]

Fractions, decimals and percentages

BBC Skillswise - Fractions, decimals and percentages - factsheets, worksheets, games and activities [TA] [***]
CIMT Fractions - interactive tutorial [CTA] [***]
Primary Resources - fractions, decimals and percentages worksheets [C] [***]
Visual Fractions - interactive exercises with pictures to make fractions clearer. Contains fun games such as Find Grammy [CTA] [***]

Strategies for coping with maths

Coping with Maths Anxiety - wordy but useful TA] [**]
Solving Story Problems - how to cope with 'wordy' maths problems TA] [**]