Other links


Reference materials

Answers.com - online encyclopaedia and dictionary which also gives words’ pronunciations [TA] [*]
Ask Oxford - online British English dictionary with tips and activities TA] [*]
Bartleby - literary reference and original texts [A] [*]
Bookrags - research site for students (includes study guides, literature summaries, biographies, essays etc.) [TA] [*]
CIA World Factbook - wealth of facts about every country [TA] [**]
Common Errors in English - explains common word confusions - [TA] [**]
Common Greek and Latin roots and affixes - good for word building, spelling and developing vocabulary [TA] [**]
Howjsay - listen to the correct pronunciation of words [TA] [**]
How stuff works - online encyclopaedia [CTA] [***]
One look reverse dictionary - describe/define a word and it will generate possible words to fit the bill. Good for extending vocabulary [TA] [**]
Online etymology dictionary - find out a word's history [TA] [**]
Online thesaurus - also has a dictionary [TA] [*]
Project Gutenberg - 25,000 free ebooks for download [TA] [*]
Sage Dictionary and Thesaurus - free, online or downloadable. Can be run from USB stick. Will pronounce words [TA] [***]
Visual Dictionary Online - thousands of pictures and diagrams ordered by theme
Visuwords - online graphical dictionary. Words shown in a mindmap [TA] [*]
WordWeb - free downloadable dictionary/thesaurus which also works off-line [TA] [**]

Professional bodies/organisations

Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education (ADSHE) [A]*
Association of Study Aids and Study Strategies Assessors (ASASA) - [A] [**]
Centre for Working Memory and Learning at York University [A] [***]
Independent Panel for Special Education Advice (IPSEA) - free independent legal advice and support [A] [***]
Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) - access arrangements  - [A] [***]
National Association of Disability Practitioners (NADP) - [A] [*]
Professional Association of Teachers Of Students with Specific learning difficulties (PATOSS) - [A] [***]
SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) - dyslexia assessment guidance  [A] [**]

A mixed bag...

BDA New Technologies - Assistive technology write ups [TA] [***]
DSpeech - free downloadable text-to-speech reader to use with Word [CTA] [***]
Dyslexia Institute pdf files - includes some free assessments - [A] [**]
Eclipse crossword - download free crossword making software [CTA] [*]
ESLHQ - make your own free worksheets [CT] [*]
Eye can learn - eye exercises for better visual health [CT] [**]
Hot Potatoes - download free quiz making software [CTA] [**]
How to improve your memory - from How Stuff Works [TA] [**]
Idea (Debatabase) - online debate topic database. For researching contentious questions [TA] [**]
IM Translator - text-to-speech in a range of languages [TA**]
JogLab - make funky little mnemonics for difficult words [CTA] [**]
Khan Academy -  Collection of You Tube videos explaining maths and science [TA] [**]
Lab Space - free Open University learning materials - need to register [A**]
LD Online - Memory Tips for Students - concise and useful [TA] [**]
Listening Books - audiobooks for downloading. Free to dyslexics.
Memory - activities to test and improve your memory [CTA] [*]
Memory game - games to exercise your brain and memory [TA] [*]
My Computer, My Way! - customise your screen, keyboard, mouse etc. [TA] [**]
Natural Reader - free downloadable text reader for PC and Macs [CTA] [***]
Online stopwatch - for timing [CTA] [*]
Quizlet - make your own online flashcards for practice or revision [TA] [***]
Sense-lang - free online touch typing program that  allows you to paste in any text for students to practise on when they become more proficient [CTA] [*]
Speech Language Therapy site - contains free worksheets for practising sound combinations and information about speech therapy [A] [*]
Think a Link - mnemonics for many subjects including spellings and tables [CTA] [*]
Tips and Techniques to improve your memory - strategies from the BBC
Typing Web - free online touch typing program which tracks your progress [CTA] [***]
Ultimate Student Resource List - free software and online tools [TA] [**]
Understanding working memory - explains how to identify and support children with weak working memory [A] [**]
Videojug Education - educational videos including punctuation, maths, exams, special needs [TA] [**]
Vikitech - list of free text-to-speech services [TA] [**]
Wordle - make brilliant pictures out of words... [CTA] [***]
Working Memory in the Classroom - excellent Gathercole article [A] [***]


Axis - multisensory literacy and numeracy resources
Bishop Sports and Leisure - reasonably priced resources for PE and dyspraxia
Crossbow - resources including reading rulers and overlays
Education Shop - loads of educational dice
Special Direct - special needs resources including dyspraxia
Taskmaster - lots of excellent resources