Below are links to various Specific Learning Difficulties websites:


Brain HE - a wealth of information on many different types of neurodiversity
Dystalk - videos of talks by professionals, advice, resources etc on various SpLDs
Formal identification of a range of specific learning differences - excellent paper by David Grant
LD Info - useful information about speed and different types of processing
Misunderstood Minds - brilliant website explaining learning difficulties with attention, reading, writing and maths
Strategies for Creating Inclusive Programmes of Study (SCIPS) - aimed at HE teachers
Wikipedia - Dyslexia and related disorders - entries of varying quality


British Dyslexia Association (BDA) - Charity and pressure group. 'About dyslexia' information here
Being Dyslexic - forums
Developmental Dyslexia in Adults: a research review - downloadable report
Dyslexia Action - charity with information and shop
Dyslexia and Foreign Language learning - research and links
Dyslexic.com - shop for useful hardware, software and gadgets
Making Dyslexia Work For You - excellent website to accompany textbook
Open University's Understanding Dyslexia - 20 hour free module
Sim-dis - simulations of how it feels to have dyslexia
Understanding Dyslexia - clear and comprehensive overview by Chris Singleton


Adult DCD checklist from Newport University
Developmental Dyspraxia - very good entry on dyspraxia
Dyspraxia checklist
Dyspraxia Foundation - national charity website covering: dyspraxia at a glance, dyspraxia in children, dyspraxia in adults, dyspraxia in education and a useful page of downloads
Dyspraxia - General information and guidelines - aimed at teachers
Dyspraxia presentation - given to colleagues at College
Dyspraxic Teens - forum
Learning support for students who are dyspraxic -  excellent paper by Mary Colley


Brain HE - Dyscalculia - information for university teachers of dyspraxic students. Also, simpler version aimed at students
Dyscalculia forum - useful
Dyscalculia.org - checklist
Dyscalculia Primer and Resource Guide - overview
Learning support for students with mathematical difficulties - excellent paper by Jan Robertson and Frances Wright
Misunderstood Minds - Math Difficulties - learner difficulties and how to get round them


Brain HE - dysgraphia for HE staff and students
LD Online - What is Dysgraphia? - strategies for all ages plus a link to using assistive technology to support writing

Visual stress (Scotopic Sensitivity or Meares-Irlen Syndrome)

Blacklight - allows Mac users to quickly dim their screens or apply different colour filters
Brain HE - Meares-Irlen Syndrome - indicators, assessment and solutions
Colour 2c - website of The Visual Dyslexia and Coloured Filter Service. Contains a list of FAQs
Dyslexia and Visual Stress - excellent PowerPoint presentation by Chris Singleton
FX software - free, downloadable utilities, such as electronic reading rulers and overlays, for people with visual stress.
Irlen Institute - research and self tests (commercial site)
Tofu - helps Mac users with screen reading by breaking text into columns. Also allows users to change background colours
Visual stress checklist - useful checklist