Study skills links



BBC Key Skills Communication - covers reports, presentations etc. [TA] [**]
DnA - clear handouts with good study skills advice [TA] [***]
Palgrave's skills4study - lots of information for HE students. Includes downloadable audio advice for  your mp3 player [TA] [***]
Scips - aimed at teachers in HE. Focuses on inclusive teaching strategies [A] [**]
Skills for OU Study - lots of good advice [TA] [**]
Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia - audio-led university level site [TA] [***]
Virginia Tech study skills - useful strategies for students [TA] [**]
Wiltshire College Study Skills Online - lots of very useful pages  [TA] [**]


Dogpile - mega search engine [CTA] [**]
Easybib - free automatic bibliography composer [TA] [*]
Harvard referencing system - clear, clickable flowchart [TA] [***]
Harvard style bibliographies - how to reference anything [TA] [***]
Internet Detective - using the internet wisely [TA] [***]
Intute: virtual training suite - free internet tutorials [TA] [**]
Kartoo - search engine with a mindmap format [CT] [*]
Mendeley - reference manager with academic social networking built in [A] [**]
Quintura - search engine with both mindmap and list formats [TA] [**]
Topmarks - educational search engine [CT] [**]
Wiltshire College Research Skills - [TA] [**]
Zotero - must-have online tool for bookmarking and referencing [TA] [***]

Reading strategies and note taking

BBC Skillswise - Reading - factsheets, worksheets, games and quizzes to improve reading skills [TA] [**]
California Distance Learning Project - simple and advanced reading comprehensions based on the news. Stories are followed by literacy activities. Can be used in conjunction with Spreeder (i.e. speed read text and check comprehension afterwards)  [TA] [**]
Cornell pdf generator - allows you to print out your own Cornell sheets [TA] [**]
DSpeech - free downloadable text-to-speech reader to use with Word [CTA] [***]
Queens University reading and note taking module - improving speed, comprehension and retention [TA] [***]
Reading Skills for Academic Study - good range of exercises for practise [TA] [**]
Spreeder - paste in text and build your reading speed [TA] [**]
Freeology - loads of graphic organisers [CTA] [**]

Planning, writing and proof reading

BBC Skillswise - Writing - factsheets, worksheets, games and quizzes which take you through the writing process [TA] [**]
Clearer Writing - university-level online writing tutorial. Excellent for improving writing structure [TA] [**]
Freemind - download free mindmapping software [TA] [*]
Ginger - free online spellchecker devised for those with SpLDs [CTA] [**]
JCU Essay Writing - tutorial leading you through the writing process [TA] [**]
Literacy Education Online - help with all aspects of academic writing [TA] [**]
Mind42 - good free online mind mapping tool [CTA] [**]
Mindmapping - overview  [A] [*]
Periodic Table of Visualisation Methods - fabulous!  [A] [**]
Popplet - simple, visual mindmapping tool [CTA] [**]
Thinking tools - lots of graphic organisers to help plan writing visually [TA] [**]

Revision and exam technique

Brainsmart - great BBC website with advice and activities to improve memory  [TA] [***]
h2g2 mnemonics page - useful examples of mnemonics [TA] [*]
Mnemonics - a guide - lots of good mnemonics, organised by category  [TA] [**]
Tips for National Test Papers - Literacy - useful revision [TA] [**]
Videojug - Exams - short videos covering revision, memory, concentration, stress etc. [TA] [**]
Words and phrases used in exams - from Wiltshire College [TA] [**]