Study skills resources



Procrastination - mindmap on how to tackle it [TA]


Article checklist - table to use when analysing a newspaper/magazine article [TA]
Text checklist - table to use when analysing a text [TA]

Reading strategies and note taking

Origami reading activity with answers - based on an online craft text. Illustrates the difference between different types of reading strategy [TA]
Remembering what you have read/heard - mind map of ways to boost memory
SQ3R - mindmap of a good note taking method [TA]

Planning, writing and proof reading

Abbreviations and signs - table of suggested ones to use when taking notes in lectures [TA]
Excerpts for proof reading - excerpts from student essays for proof reading and editing [TA]
Helping with essay writing - presentation [TA]
How to mindmap - mindmap [TA]
Proof reading - checklist and worksheet [TA]
Proof reading self study - use websites to answer questions on common errors [TA]
Report writing - activity sheet [TA]
Skillswise proof reading quiz - good variety of questions [TA]